We headed up the M55 thinking how lucky we were to be by the sea for three days in the sun building little green roofs for the kids to grow and eat their own food. We decided to base our construction on a strong internal framework to take the extra weight of the roof and felt confident that our build was strong enough for the job. As much as possible we bought all the materials from local businesses and stayed in Blackpool to cut down on travel during construction. We had a great day working with the guys from Red Rose Forest and volunteer parents filling and planting up the roofs with a variety of annual and perennial food producing plants. I loved our time in Blackpool. It was great working as I so often do, with Tim of 'Little Green Builders' and we had a fun time with the kids in the pre-school nursery, to whom my companion was Bob the Builder and I was his mate Sam. Properly dressed in their builders hard hats, the kids were our safety advisors, constantly reminding us to be careful. I am happy to say our safety record on this job was spotless. Thanks kids. These green roofs in Thames Primary School are part of a food growing project for the school in conjunction with the shrub bed clearance I completed earlier in the year. That shrub bed has been planted with fruit trees by Red Rose Forest and the school children at Thames Primary School.