My friend Gordon has completed a sponsored walk in aid of Crohn's and Colitis UK. He has successfully completed the coast to coast walk from St Bees to Robin's Hood Bay. Gordon works with young people in the Wythenshawe area for Nacro, a crime reduction charity and One Green World was more than happy to donate at Just Giving. Below, Gordon describes his epic adventure.

Well, that was quite a walk. A bit harder than I expected I have to admit! 190 plus miles (extra cos I made a few navigation errors in the mist). It started in St Bees on the west coast where I collected the obligatory pebble from the sea and 12 days later I had great pleasure slinging it into the sea on the east coast at Robin Hoods Bay. The weather was awful on days 2 to 4 after which it gradually improved until the last 3 days when I might have been in Spain with clear blues and no wind. By day 11 I could see the sea at Whitby 25 miles away. Blisters were the main problem. Having walked 9 or 10 hours a day in persistent rain, despite wearing gaiters and waterproofs, my feet became soaked and inevitably both feet blistered. My boots were just about dry by day 9 and the blisters were just becoming bearable by then. As the season for doing this walk hadn't really started I had no problem with accommodation. In fact, generally, I had the 3 National Parks to myself pretty much. However I was not lonely, as I was supported by friends who came up to walk some of the way with me at different stages. Quite honestly I'm not sure that I would have carried on if not for them. Would I do it again - oh yes! Had someone asked me in the first half it would have been a resounding - NO! Any way thanks to those who sponsored me.