I was back in Wythenshawe Park Horticultural Centre to replace entrance doors at either end of the Safari Walk. The Horticultural Friends group wanted to ensure easy access to the centre so we opted for sliding doors and I had a vision for wooden fret work decorating the doors and reflecting the beauty of the flora in the glasshouses. This job proved to be frustrating when it came to getting hold of certain materials and the job start dates came and went. Finally we received our near mythical products and began assembling the sliding units in a fashion Bob and I were keen on becoming familiar with, only to discover that the special stuff was in fact the wrong size. Undeterred but several quids and a trip to a timber yard later we were busy boys building some rather good looking entrances. Loving this job we ended up doing much more than we were contracted for but were happy to give the extra time and effort as we both care about the centre's future development. It was great working back in the glasshouses. Seeing it improve nurtures further ideas and enthusiasm. With this in mind Bob and I were sat during one lunch break building a dream of a wooden long room leading into The Safari Walk through our new entrances, as well as a total remake of the Fernery, which is badly in need of some tender loving care (we thought we better leave that one for later). Indeed, the staff are full of ideas about fantastical new entrances into the Jungle Walk and Gardens of the World. I am looking forward to meeting the artist who is going to paint the walls around the new sliding doors and when the work is complete I shall post some pictures. To see photo's of the doors now go to my Media Gallery. Thanks to The Horticultural Friends for making these improvements possible and look forward to being further involved in this fantastic facility. Ian