I have been running around working on all the projects I told you about in May, delivering some of them to completion. I have completely failed in my efforts to sit around on my bum in my workshop, and sun myself, whilst being a woodcarver. This makes me even more determined to do it this month. It is so exciting running my own business and I am committed to One Green World continuing. I have planted new plants into the Horticultural Centre in Wythenshawe Park and that is as satisfying task as any, and this particular contract will soon be completed. Wythenshawe Park is one of my favourite parks in the city and some of the people who work there are wholly undervalued for their dedication, vision, and determination. Bring on July, the height of the summer, a nice deckchair, some chisels and a lovely piece of wood. I am off to see the Lord of the Hedges this month. Now there is a fabulous character. It looks as if I am about to become the head groundsman for this particular crazy version of the landed gentry! See you next month. Ian