This month I have been working in Platt Fields Park in Central Manchester. I was asked by the Friends group to look at their broken Teen Village structure and advise on reconditioning/repairing the structure. The costs for rebuilding the structure as new were prohibitive and the group wanted to know if I could do anything with it.  The Friends group are very attached to this resource as it was part of their centenary celebrations to have the Teen Village installed and they were afraid they were going to lose it as it had become an unsafe structure in the park. I devised a affordable plan to put the structure back into a usable and safe condition and give it a new lease of life. I had to measure up the existing structure and design, source and fit new panels, which also needed extra strengthening adding to the structure to prevent further damage. I also had to change part of the existing steel work and make it safe and secure, as well as replacing missing and unusable parts. To complete the task, the whole structure was cleaned. To see the end result view my Media Gallery.  Platt Fields Friends Group were very happy with the work and the Teen Village is as popular as ever. I have also been working with The Challenge again.  Young volunteers who give their time to help out in the community across the city. This time we were in Cringle Park and Acorn Close in Levenshulme and  Burnage. We spent time in each park working with the Friends of Cringle Park and Acorn Allotments and over a 100 young people, doing everything from pruning trees, repairing hedges, clearing pathways, sowing seeds, and of course the obligatory litter-picking! It was great for me to spend this time working with and teaching young people about environmental conservation, and to hear about what the young people wanted to do in their lives as a career. I love mentoring the young and sharing how much pleasure it has given me to work in the outdoors and champion conservation, the environment and people's enjoyment of it. The summer has been lovely but the leaves are dropping with a sure sign Autumn is upon us. The clear Autumn air brings with it change and a freshness and an excitement for those crisp chilly mornings that I love. See you in October!