Well its been a while since our last news update and so much has been happening. Building a Low Carbon Garden for The Wythenshawe Games, renovating the community room at Fletcher Moss Park, running a community event at The Openshaw Festival amongst others, its hard to know where to start.  Lets try this, things have been moving so fast that we get up in the morning have breakfast and after a blur of stuff we are falling back into bed after another dizzying day of One Green World with smiles on our faces and happiness in our hearts; how good is that.
Today for instance:
We started the day meeting with Wigan Council getting involved in the Eco Schools Project where we will be running a stand at their annual conference.  We are really looking forward to this event where we will be operating our fruit press and getting the kids to see how easy and fun it is to make real fruit juice.  

Moving on we are running a programme of events and training sessions for Manchester City Council delivering The Manchester Standard.  This is a substantial programme of works and takes up a lot of back office time when we are not actually at the coal face as it were; By Eck!
Keeping the pace up and putting together some design ideas for two 12 week projects to run concurrently at Norbrook Youth Centre in Wythenshawe. This means sitting down and finding the peace and quiet needed to actually come up with some original designs; not so easy at the pace of the moment but things are developing nicely.
The day is hotting up arranging to plant fruit trees for our friends at Red Rose Forest with local community groups in the near future. I always love working with these guys and planting trees feels really good.
Accelerating quickly, we travel into Manchester to volunteer our time for free with The Next Generation Youth Group in Ladybarn Community Centre. We were building bird boxes with the kids and placing them up in the trees of the centre. The kids were great.  We really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to meeting up again to go community gardening with them in their local park.  
We are in the fast lane now, organising Manchester University Volunteers to link up with Highfield Country Park Friends and ourselves to open up two of the entrances on the park and the interconnecting pathways in order to make the park safer and more welcoming to visitors.  This is part of a bigger project to help Highfield Country Park improve its access.
And now the day has finally slowed enough to sit down and put digital pen to digital paper and think about all the things that are happening on this single day including writing this piece for our new website which has been built for us by a local business; Mark and Lindsey from Image Village Ltd and is about to go live. More information to come!
Life has changed so much, it’s a crazy world in the fast lane and we love it. 

Just another day at One Green World.