We have been busy booking lots of activities in parks in Manchester for February and March and would love to hear from anyone who wishes to volunteer. We have wild flower training and successful fruit hedge creation activities. We are continuing improving the stream bed area in Kirkup Gardens, Wythenshawe and working on the Broom Avenue entrance to Highfield Country Park in Levenshulme. We are engaging with University of Manchester Volunteering again as we love working with the students. We are bringing together youth groups and older generation members in a few events and thanks to Manchester Environmental Education Network, we are going to be part of a new Peace Grove and orchard in Moss Side Park. All this work is so exciting and of course, it improves the parks of Manchester for all the community to enjoy. Ian will also be at Alma Park Primary School in Levenshulme, working with pupils and parents to improve their woodland walkway. The school are very keen on Forest School activities and there are huge benefits to young people in outside classrooms. Look out for us in Moss Side at Easter too as we have a booking to run events in Moss Side Park at the end of March. Dates and information to follow. Overall, lots to keep One Green World busy.

Welcome to our new website. We have new and exciting times at One Green World and feel this new colourful and vibrant site reflects our journey forward. We are active on Facebook and Twitter too now and all this has happened with the guidance and expertise of Mark and Lyndsey at Image Village Ltd. We have been very busy over the last few months and most of the activity is on Facebook - check out our albums. We have paused now for the festive season but we are looking forward to January 2016 when One Green World will be delivering activities with volunteers in open green spaces all over Manchester.


Well its been a while since our last news update and so much has been happening. Building a Low Carbon Garden for The Wythenshawe Games, renovating the community room at Fletcher Moss Park, running a community event at The Openshaw Festival amongst others, its hard to know where to start.  Lets try this, things have been moving so fast that we get up in the morning have breakfast and after a blur of stuff we are falling back into bed after another dizzying day of One Green World with smiles on our faces and happiness in our hearts; how good is that.
Today for instance:
We started the day meeting with Wigan Council getting involved in the Eco Schools Project where we will be running a stand at their annual conference.  We are really looking forward to this event where we will be operating our fruit press and getting the kids to see how easy and fun it is to make real fruit juice.  

Moving on we are running a programme of events and training sessions for Manchester City Council delivering The Manchester Standard.  This is a substantial programme of works and takes up a lot of back office time when we are not actually at the coal face as it were; By Eck!
Keeping the pace up and putting together some design ideas for two 12 week projects to run concurrently at Norbrook Youth Centre in Wythenshawe. This means sitting down and finding the peace and quiet needed to actually come up with some original designs; not so easy at the pace of the moment but things are developing nicely.
The day is hotting up arranging to plant fruit trees for our friends at Red Rose Forest with local community groups in the near future. I always love working with these guys and planting trees feels really good.
Accelerating quickly, we travel into Manchester to volunteer our time for free with The Next Generation Youth Group in Ladybarn Community Centre. We were building bird boxes with the kids and placing them up in the trees of the centre. The kids were great.  We really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to meeting up again to go community gardening with them in their local park.  
We are in the fast lane now, organising Manchester University Volunteers to link up with Highfield Country Park Friends and ourselves to open up two of the entrances on the park and the interconnecting pathways in order to make the park safer and more welcoming to visitors.  This is part of a bigger project to help Highfield Country Park improve its access.
And now the day has finally slowed enough to sit down and put digital pen to digital paper and think about all the things that are happening on this single day including writing this piece for our new website which has been built for us by a local business; Mark and Lindsey from Image Village Ltd and is about to go live. More information to come!
Life has changed so much, it’s a crazy world in the fast lane and we love it. 

Just another day at One Green World.

Well, we enjoyed another successful wood-carving workshop yesterday at the Cringle Park Global Picnic. We were very popular, with lots of people of all ages wanting to have a go at carving flowers, butterflies and acorns. We met lots of interesting people and it was a pleasure to be part of a successful and vibrant event. There are some photo's in the media gallery. Many thanks to St John's Ambulance and Friends of Cringle Park for their role in organising the fair and for inviting us to be there. We hope to be posting more dates for the summer so if you want to have a go at wood-carving there will be more opportunities. Keep checking out the website for news and events.

What a fantastic event we all enjoyed last Sunday. You would not believe you were in the centre of Manchester nestled into the allotments at Acorn Close. The allotment society put on a spread of delicious food and drinks worthy of a royal garden party and we were there to offer a hands-on experience of wood-carving.

Pauline Kavanagh Acorn Close Allotments

People came and went throughout the afternoon and we had a lot of interest in carving flowers onto a sign for Acorn Close Allotments (see media gallery). A great big thank-you to Pauline Kavanagh (photo) and all the allotment society for inviting us to be part of their open day.

We are now preparing for Cringle Park Global Picnic event this coming Sunday 14th June where we shall be doing more wood-carving and sharing skills and tools with the public.

Come down and have a go yourself and enjoy the food and atmosphere at the event. The venue is Cringle Park in Levenshulme, Manchester.

At Acorn Close, we met Lydia Neryll from Manchester Environmental Education Network. MEEN are a charity dedicated to promoting the sustainability agenda in schools in Greater Manchester. The 'Intergenerational Climate Change Project' will be in the Arndale Centre, in Manchester on the 17th, 18th and 19th of June, where young people will be asking adults to engage and join them on practical intergenerational learning projects including a 'carbon classroom'. We will be going along on one of these days to join in and find out what we can learn from our young people about sustainability and our future. Check out MEEN website at www.meen.org.uk and attached is the flyer for this project.

Arndale flyer for 2nd May to Age Friendly manchester


I have come to the end of my second year trading as One Green World. It has been a difficult yet fulfilling year. I have moved out of Manchester and into Leigh. It has taken the best part of 2014/15 to find a house, buy it, renovate it and move into it. All this time, I have been keeping One Green World going and now I am in my new home and settled; whew.  Hopefully I now  have time to put lots more energy into One Green World. I look around and see myself living right next to Greenheart, a large area of old Industrial and natural beauty mixed into a magical green space surrounding Wigan. I feel the time has come to expand One Green World into Greater Manchester, so my growing customer base covers all of Lancashire and beyond. Despite my busy personal life, I have had time to install water harvesting systems in Harpurhey Allotments and plant fruit trees in Cringle Park. I have also installed food planters in Ellesmere Park High School in Eccles ready for the pupils to experience growing their own food. I have continued to develop close working relations with Red Rose Forest and network across Manchester with housing trusts and allotment societies. I look forward to new relationships growing in my next year of business as One Green World doing what I love best, working and improving the outdoors for people and the planet.

It has been a very busy time again over the Autumn period. I started off wood-carving at my workshop. I have a few carving projects on the go. The largest one at the moment is my story telling chair, which is coming along nicely. I was back in Cringle Park, one of my favourite parks, planting bulbs with the friends group. I was asked to work up some designs for a pathway and bench to surround the carved owl entrance in Didsbury Park. You may know the sculpture if you are familiar with the park. The Friends group are going to use my design as part of a funding bid and I will hear more in 2015. I facilitated a tree planting session as part of Alma Park Primary School Forest School experience on the 6th December. This was a very successful session with the children taking part in planting trees in their own school grounds. We planted nearly 200 trees in a couple of hours and it was great fun. I also worked with Red Rose Forest this month planting trees around Manchester sites. I worked with various volunteers and school groups to get all the trees in. We probably planted a few thousand trees over the sessions and despite the weather, there was a great turnout and fine spirits! Finally, I have undertaken some arborist work at the Food Growing site next to McDonalds in Wythenshawe. I am looking forward to another great year with One Green World in 2015 and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Ian McDougall    

Last Sunday we spent the day in Cringle Park in Levenshulme attending the St. John's Ambulance Superhero stroll event. The day went really well with lots of stalls and organisations attending, including Friends of Cringle Park and Manchester Local Record Centre and biodiversity unit. We set up a wood-carving workshop and lots of youngsters had a go at using carving chisels on a rustic wooden bench we were building. Photo's are in the Media Gallery and the bench will be up for sale very soon. We chatted to a lot of public and answered queries about One Green World and what we offer. Money was raised for St. John's Ambulance and lots of families had fun dressing up as superhero's and doing the charity stroll. The weather was kind to us, it was a lovely day and overall a great success. Thank you to Pauline Kavanagh of the friends group who invited us to attend this event.

This month I have been working in Platt Fields Park in Central Manchester. I was asked by the Friends group to look at their broken Teen Village structure and advise on reconditioning/repairing the structure. The costs for rebuilding the structure as new were prohibitive and the group wanted to know if I could do anything with it.  The Friends group are very attached to this resource as it was part of their centenary celebrations to have the Teen Village installed and they were afraid they were going to lose it as it had become an unsafe structure in the park. I devised a affordable plan to put the structure back into a usable and safe condition and give it a new lease of life. I had to measure up the existing structure and design, source and fit new panels, which also needed extra strengthening adding to the structure to prevent further damage. I also had to change part of the existing steel work and make it safe and secure, as well as replacing missing and unusable parts. To complete the task, the whole structure was cleaned. To see the end result view my Media Gallery.  Platt Fields Friends Group were very happy with the work and the Teen Village is as popular as ever. I have also been working with The Challenge again.  Young volunteers who give their time to help out in the community across the city. This time we were in Cringle Park and Acorn Close in Levenshulme and  Burnage. We spent time in each park working with the Friends of Cringle Park and Acorn Allotments and over a 100 young people, doing everything from pruning trees, repairing hedges, clearing pathways, sowing seeds, and of course the obligatory litter-picking! It was great for me to spend this time working with and teaching young people about environmental conservation, and to hear about what the young people wanted to do in their lives as a career. I love mentoring the young and sharing how much pleasure it has given me to work in the outdoors and champion conservation, the environment and people's enjoyment of it. The summer has been lovely but the leaves are dropping with a sure sign Autumn is upon us. The clear Autumn air brings with it change and a freshness and an excitement for those crisp chilly mornings that I love. See you in October!