Marie Louise Gardens Manchester January 2014

This was commissioned by the Friends of Marie Louise Gardens. I was confident I could deliver good quality bays that would be sturdy and of good size. I used second hand recycled materials and completed the installation in a day. I am aware that feedback from the Green Flag judges, visiting the park in their professional capacity, was that these composting bays were the best they had seen. I was very proud of this feedback as I am always happy to know my work is appreciated. I have since installed bays in Didsbury Park, South Manchester, for the Friends of Didsbury Park and in Oakfield High School in Hindley Green, Wigan.

Our committee was very satisfied with the finished product and at an event last Saturday, park users filled the bins with dead leaves as part of a general tidy up. The composting bins are well constructed and a robust asset. Well placed in a quiet, yet convenient area of the garden. The construction was completed in a timely fashion, price agreed and paid, and we shall have no hesitation in contacting you again should further work be needed.

Paul Thornhill - Friends of Marie Louise Gardens January 2014