Creating new entrance ways within Wythenshawe Park Horticultural Centre, Manchester February 2014

I had a vision for two new entrance-ways within the Horticultural Centre and produced drawings to share with the Horticultural Friends Group. The drawings were approved and the project was given a green light. Once the funding for the project had been acquired, the friends group commissioned the works. I sourced all the timber for this job within Wythenshawe Park. One Green World has an ethical policy to reduce, re-use and recycle. This embraces a restorative economy that takes account of the true cost of trading and waste disposal to the planet. By building these two new entrances we have turned the two largest separate show-houses in the Horticultural Centre into one major show-house. They will retain their individual characters but are now interconnected. Funds have been allocated to re-plant the new entrances.