Cringle Park bench, steps and sign built from ethically sourced oak 2013

This installation was commissioned by The Friends of Cringle Park. I designed and built the bench, which is made from reclaimed sustainably grown ethically sourced oak. I also built four steps going up to the bench and a sign 'The Little Meadow'. This bench improves the park for the community and will give a seating area for years to come. It will weather naturally and is robust enough to take park life and survive. Go to Cringle Park Levenshulme, Manchester to sit on my bench.


The Friends of Cringle Park & Field are delighted with the lovely bespoke bench, steps and carved sign supplied and installed by One Green World. These additions have now given a purpose to a small triangle of grass, which has now been transformed to a peaceful seating area, that has been planted with spring bulbs and eventually with wild flowers, which will compliment our Jubilee Wood and Community Orchard. Working with Ian has been a pleasure, his ability to design and construct this project on time, with regular updates along the way. The finished product is excellent beyond what the Friends group imagined. Park users often comment on how lovely the bench, steps and sign look. This project has now given us an incentive to create 'The Little Meadow'. We really look forward to working with One Green World in the future.
Friends of Cringle Park & Field Levenshulme