Little Green Roofs at Thames Primary School Blackpool, March 2014.

I have installed 2 green roofs onto sheds in the playgrounds at Thames Primary School. I made the sheds stronger on the inside to take the weight of the soil and then built the framework on the roofs for the plants. I worked with Tim Lomas of 'Little Green Builders' on this contract, utilising his expert joinery skills. I also supported a volunteer day to plant the roofs for the finished product. I really enjoyed this contract and was happy that my work would be safe for a school playground.

Feedback from the Angela Hilton (Key Stage 1 Phase Leader) was that the roofs look 'brill' and Kevin Wigley from City of Trees, who commissioned me, was very pleased with the work saying "Those roofs look absolutely amazing. The school have already emailed to say how good they look. The inside looks really strong. I wish every contractor was willing to put time into taking pics and sending them to me! It's something that I don't think most would consider doing but it's little things like that that set people apart from the rest!"