The Low Carbon Garden. July 2015

One Green World was contracted by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group to build a Low Carbon Garden at the 2015 Wythenshawe Games.
The Horticultural Project, Community Payback, Local Volunteers, Manchester City Council staff, Real Food and One Green World all played a part in creating and running The Low Carbon Garden over the course of the games, of which we all felt proud.

The Low Carbon Garden was built using the three ‘R’s’ principle. We ‘Reduced’ the amount of products we consumed by ‘Re-using and Recycling’ all the materials that went into building our garden without the purchase of any new materials except soil from Viridor.

The ‘Low Carbon Garden’ was planted over the course of the event. We invited young people to select and plant a variety of food production and floral garden plants all of which were grown by The Horticultural Project in Wythenshawe Park. We used the garden to talk to people of all ages about the Reduce, Re-use, Recycle principals in the creation and maintenance of their own gardens and lives.

As well as promoting the three ‘R’s’ we also talked to the public about gardens being ideal for encouraging wildlife necessary to create biodiversity and pollination opportunities. We also promoted other positive aspects of being in the garden environment such as providing pleasure, fresh healthy food and active lifestyles.

The response from the public was entirely positive and many people took away plants to grow in their own homes and plenty of ideas on how to encourage healthy Low Carbon growing, eating and enjoyment.