Manchester City Council Manchester Standard - Activity & Training Programme Autumn 2015

We were commissioned to deliver 26 activity and training sessions in four Manchester parks between September 2015 and March 2016.
The four parks were Kirkup Gardens in Wythenshawe, Moss Side Park in Moss Side, Kingswood Park in Ladybarn and Delemere Park in Gorton.
The sessions were a variety of activities and each park friends group and Neighbourhood Engagement Delivery Officer was consulted with to meet the best needs of the individual parks.
The aim of the programme was to engage the local community with their local park, get more people into the parks and improve the park for the community to enjoy and feel more ownership for. We successfully engaged with over 340 people and collaborated with University of Manchester’s Leadership Programme to improve the four parks involved. Sessions ranged from ‘Successful Wild Flower sowing’ and building and installing bird boxes. We cleared a brook and planted a fruit orchard. We also delivered training on how to create a successful herbaceous border and tool care and use. Feedback was very positive with groups expressing satisfaction in spending time in and improving their local park. Quite a few comments shared a desire to start using their local park more regularly and building the park into their group activities.
We were very pleased to be able to deliver this programme. Feedback from Kirsten Warren was positive.

“Sarah and Ian, thank you both so much for your help in delivering this programme. It was great just putting it into your hands and knowing we didn't have to worry”
Kirsten Warren, General Manager, Heaton Park, Manchester