Parrs Wood Environmental Centre Pond Regeneration Project April 2016

We were contacted by Kit and Neil Walker from Parrs Wood Environmental Centre in Didsbury. There is a lovely pond on the site but it had not had a dredging for some years and was in need of a clear out. We offered the project to the University of Manchester students who we engage with as part of their internationally recognised Manchester Leadership Programme. We had a whole mini-bus load for the two days we worked on the pond in April 2016. We left a day in between the clear out to allow all the pond creatures to return to the water. It was a fantastic effort by the students, and under Ian’s experienced tuition, the pond was transformed. We only did half the pond as it is a large pond, and it was late in the season to be undertaking this kind of work. So, Kit and Neil booked us again in November 2016 and we went back with more students to finish the job. The weather was colder but it was amazing to see how well the cleared half of the pond had done over the summer and it was satisfying to finish the job. Ian then went back to install a fence and gate around the pond.