Walkden High School log circle – July 2016

Ian had already delivered a school planter at this school and this outdoor area was part of the ongoing programme for the school to learn more about habitats and be able to have outdoor learning in some comfort. We cleared the allocated area and set about burying the huge timber logs into their new home. During the delivery of this contract, Kevin Wigley from City of Trees, decided the circle needed some posts to be able to erect a tarpaulin over the circle. We returned to install the posts and then also seating planks. Working in schools means the works need to be safe and secure for the students. We really enjoyed delivering this log circle as it meant the school had an all weather outdoor classroom on the grounds of the school with a real woodland feel.
We have also installed planters at Ellesmere Park School commissioned by City of Trees as part of a food growing project in the school.